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Naxos Island

Naxos: In the heart of Cyclades, in the heart of Aegean, Naxos has, always, followed the destiny of adventure of residents of Aegean. This destiny is interwoven with travel, exchanges, new techniques and pioneering ideas, but also with wars and conflicts over the hegemony of sea.

The landscape of the island has many rotations. Plains succeed barren areas, marble mountains lead in deep shadowed glens, areas with vegetation host all white villages and sandy beaches meet the sea. 
The coastline of the island is almost straight and not forming large natural harbours, which affected the occupations of residents from the ancient years. In the island from end to end beautiful and clean coasts are situated next to small solitary coves. The ground of island is blessed and provides self-sufficiency to life of this place.

In Naxos there are many traditional villages and their architecture is based on the climate, the topography, the needs and all these in charge of the local artisan and with materials from the nearby mountain and river.
The Naxos picture is not different from the Cycladic architecture. All-white buildings, white-washed that have at the most two floors and no surface is perfectly flat ,the one next to the other, with their courtyards united with paved alleys and stairways.

Villages to visit

Filoti - The natural beauty of Filoti is unique. In this preferential place locals, with the passage of centuries, were proved worthy creators of social and economic life structured in the humanity and in the honesty. Thus, today we enjoy a beautiful Filoti and a social life flourishing in her liveliness and authentic in the islander character. The Aegean Sea moral, that characterizes the social perception and practice of locals, has, fortunately, not been degraded by the self-alienation whirlwind of our times.

Small squares, graphic alleys, ste(g)asta', full of flowers courtyards and all-white streets compose a unique greatness of fine taste and organisation. The visitor when he reaches the square should not fail to go a little above to the historical church of Virgin Mary Dormition, to see the white and architectural beauty, and to the museum exploitation buildings, which accommodate the Rural Cooperative of Filoti and the Association of Women.

Apeiranthos - It is located on the slops of a hill in Eastern feet of mountain range of Fanaria. As a remarkable village it was reported since 14th AD. It was called "marble village'", because of the marble existing everywhere, in the streets, in the houses and the light of the sun up in the sky of the Aegean Sea is reflecting all over the village.

The village is situated around two Towers that were probably built, the 17th century and were owned by Francs landholders. Each corner/spot of the village shows the particular traditional architecture, which is obvious in the forms of anefano (chimneys), that make the village seem as a valley of anefanos.

Koronos - It is one of the oldest, the bigger and the most mountainous villages of Naxos. The picturesqueness and the beauty of village are unique, discrete. Is located in the northeast part of island in distance of 30 km from Chora and the bigger part of it is built on the sides of a mountain. The extraordinary street plan and traditional architecture of the houses compose a breathtaking picture that it intensely refers in a village of Pilion.

Feasts and fests, walks in the alleys with stone terraces and the many steps under  arches at Kakanasi and the squares of village, the visit in the folklore museum, but also the acquaintance with the local products and dishes constitute indubitably a attractive proposal for the visitors.

Sangri - The village is situated above a hill with the horizon open in front of it. It is named "small Mystras" because of the abundance of Byzantine churches. Inside the village, the famous monastery of Saint Eleftherios is situated, that functioned also as a secret school in the years of the Ottoman domination and today accommodates the Folklore Museum. Near the village is the most important archaeological site of the island, Gyroulas with the recently restored Temple of Demeter and a remarkable museum. Gyroulas was rewarded in 2004 from the European Union and EUROPA NOSTRA "for the sensitivity that was demonstrated at the restoration of this important monument and the successful accord to environment". The village is also famous for the venetian towers, two of which, devastated, are situated in Kato Sangri, a preservable settlement, while a third, Palaiologou Tower is renovated. But not only the Byzantine churches and archaeological sites make Sagkri stand out. It is especially the enchanting beaches with the white sand and the wonderful colors of the Sea.

Places to Visit

Portara (Naxos Town)
Portara in Naxos Town

In the 3rd millennium B.C. a settlement existed near the islet and is speculated that "Palaces" was the acropolis/citadel of Cycladic settlement. Today we see the remains of a temple temple that began to be built in 530 B.C. by the tyrant of Naxos Ligdamis, but never was finished. The "Portara" is built from 4 marbles; each one has length more than 6 metres and weights 20 tonnes.

Venetian Castle (Naxos Town)
The Venetian Castle in Naxos Town

The local tradition recounts that it was built by Markos Sanoudos. A part from the walls of the eminent tower of Sanoudos still exist and in the spots where the walls were ruined (the bigger part), was built the “Faculty of "Ursulines”, later. We do not have any testimony, however, to confirm that this was the ducal palace of Markos Sanoudos.

Beaches in Naxos

There are many beaches in Naxos Island and Sea View Srudios & Apartments in Agia Anna is the best starting point to discover them.

Agia Anna: The beach where Sea View is located. Fine golden sand with tourist infrastructure.

Agios Prokopios: Long beach with golden sand, 500 metres from Agia Anna.

Plaka Beach: Very long sandy beach with golden and white soft and fine sand. 500 metres from Agia Anna.

Above beaches are shown on Naxos Map.


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